Turn On, Tune In, Drive Out To Drive-In

A drive-in theatre…in Manhattan! I’m not sure if such a thing does exist or could exist but someone is endeavoring to bring this very unique idea to fruition.

DRV-IN, billed as “Manhattan’s Only Drive-In,” has created a sort of “virtual drive-in” for lovers of the novel as well as for the nostalgic. Here they can enjoy high-definition cinema while seated in a 1965 Ford Falcon amid the complementary ambiance of “starry skies” and a “live” oak tree. This theatre of the mind provides seating for six and is equipped with a full concession stand. (There’s something bordering on science fiction here.)

However, if you were thinking about driving over to the drive-in, their website is saying that there are no bookings; as of 2009, they were undergoing major renovations. But that’s show biz and crazier things have been known to happen.