For The Birds

Many people have hobbies that would be considered, more or less, unusual; but bird cage collecting is, I think, not only unusual but downright bizarre. Nevertheless, one such collector who resides on Lennox Road in East Flatbush, Brooklyn owns the mother lode of bird cage collections.  Manny Loupadiere’s home is a multi-layered, sprawling exhibition of hundreds upon hundreds of empty bird cages; an assemblage of every size and type of bird cage known to man…and perhaps to bird.

There is a reason (or so Loupadiere claims) for his strange obsession with bird cages; it’s rather touching. He told the NY Daily News that, while serving in Vietnam, the call of a whistling bird made him turn to look—as a result, a bullet missed his head.

However, many of Loupadiere’s neighbors aren’t very interested in the reason or the method for his bird cage collecting madness.

“It’s a mess – it’s a mess,” neighbor Teddy Edwards said.

Edwards said the quirky collection is a fire hazard that attracts an unpleasant assortment of vermin.

“Roaches and other things – every week I have to buy spray to spray in front of there,” he said.

“I wish it was gone, but after so many years, still the same bloody, thing, gets worse to me,” Edwards said.

After complaints over rats being spotted among the cages, the New York City Health Department sent out an inspector; but to their dismay, Loupadiere’s premises passed inspection. While the NYCHD says that they’ll reinspect this heretical bird cage museum, neighbors are looking forward to the day when the only birds to be found there will be somewhere up in the trees and in the skies beyond.

Source: CBS New York

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