Ominously Beeping, Hanging, Whatever

The foolishness of misguided caution and muddled security strikes again in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Just a couple of weeks ago, someone in that “hipster capital of the world” called the cops when he spotted a suspicious looking “I Love New York” bag hanging from a light pole. The bag was traced to 50-year-old Takeshi Miyakawa, an artist who merely created the piece for Design Week. Mr. Miyakawa was arrested and had to spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to convince the NYPD that he wasn’t out to blow up the city.

Yesterday, there was yet another “scare” over yet another suspicious-looking bag…one that was “beeping ominously.”  The only thing found in the bag was an electronic keyboard. Even though it wasn’t clear as to who left it there or what caused it to start beeping, it was soon evident that the keyboard didn’t pose a threat.

Hell, no one could beep as ominously as I do when I’m at the keys of my Yamaha Motif playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. I predict that a SWAT team will be surrounding my house one of these days.

Source: Gothamist