Watch The Skies!

It’s always been suspected that many New Yorkers were somewhat odd. Now there may be justification for these suspicions: not only that many New Yorkers are somewhat odd…some may be from another planet. We may have reached our close encounters of the third kind in the form of our next door neighbor or merely in that of a passing glimmer in the sky.

UFO fever has taken hold of  the imagination beneath the skies of Brooklyn and residents here are on the lookout for extraterrestrials. Over the past few weeks, reports of strange activity in the night sky, along with captured footage of mysterious lights and objects, are all over cyberspace.

The mysterious nocturnal light shows even caught the attention of Borough President Marty Markowitz, who in good humor, offered the red-carpet treatment to otherworldly visitors to our borough, and a Community Board 1 member, as reported in a weekly Brooklyn newspaper last week. {read more} Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Even though the NYC Metro area has had its share of bizarre, nocturnal sightings over the past 50 years, there’s been a marked increase of such reports lately. While most of these could have been dismissed as hoaxes, or as aircraft or natural phenomena mistaken for UFOs, much of it was undoubtedly preternatural and/ or inexplicable.

On the other hand, extraterrestrial visitations seem to go hand in hand with depressed or anxious times; the romantic notion that extraterrestrials are attempting to intervene for our salvation may be just another form of desperate escapism.

Nevertheless, I loved the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind; it had fascinating visuals and a superb score…I often escaped into it myself.

(originally published: 03/04/10)