Fly Me To The Supermoon

The way many people were carrying on you’d think they never saw the moon before in their life. Even jaded residents of this neon-delirious town, where we usually take our moons and suns for granted, the annual “supermoon” was beaming proudly on its 15 minutes of moonlit fame; it left many here moonstruck…then again, they might have been like that already.

Even though many of the supermoon images I’m seeing on the Internet (including the one heading this post) appear to have been touched up, it was still a marvelous sight to behold. I admire performers (in or out of this world) that could put on a show in such an effortless, low-key manner; that sort of feat certainly requires talent.

Supermoon and its Moonshadow

2 comments on “Fly Me To The Supermoon

  1. GrayFoxDown says:

    Perhaps, in the end, we’re entertained by the constant rediscovery that we are indeed a funny lot; the wonder of it all not being in the stars but in ourselves. (Sorry for the delay in posting your comment: it got caught up in my spam filter.)

  2. Maggie L R says:

    We are a funny lot, the moon was closer than usual, but hard to notice any real difference when looking up.

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