Snappy Kid In A Cultured Gallery

When you’re an expert in your field, it’s usually galling when someone comes along and points out a mistake you’ve made. When that someone happens to be a 13-year-old kid, it’s incredibly maddening. That’s what happened recently at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET).

The Hartford Courant reports that 13-year-old Benjamin Lerman Coady found an error in the Met’s Byzantine Gallery during a recent visit. The seventh-grader is a fledgling history buff who recently studied the Byzantine Empire in school.

Coady noticed certain dates on sections concerning Africa and Spain were incorrect and tried to inform the front desk. However, he believed he was receiving the bum’s rush because he was “only a kid.”

Lo and behold, even though the MET is one of the bastions of high art and world culture, it wasn’t above admitting to a mistake.

Coady received an email from the museum’s senior vice president for external affairs, notifying him that his request was being forwarded to the museum’s medieval affairs department for further review.

A few months later, Helen Evans, the Met’s curator for Byzantine art, sent Coady an email: “You are, of course, correct about the boundaries of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian,” she wrote.

Kudos to the MET! Politicians should take a cue from this when it comes to mistakes. Then again, if they were to admit to all their mistakes it would occupy all their time.

Source: Yahoo! News