Eternal Flame

The Old Bermuda Inn (the Mesereau family mansion) stands at 2512 Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island; it has been steadfastly standing there since 1832. Nowadays, it serves as an upscale social venue, boasting a large vestibule, parlor with fireplace, and a quaint upstairs dining room. House specialties are Penne alla Vodka and the Bermuda Triangle (shrimp, lobster and sea scallops in sherry wine served within a triangle of puff pastry). Weddings, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers are regular events at this very old and very quaint inn, much of its fame owing to the fact that it’s allegedly…haunted.

For many years, people have reported strange occurrences at the inn. Passersby have seen a spectral figure in an upstairs window of the inn and diners have spotted the same apparition wandering through its front rooms. Restaurant employees have told of eerie noises and doors that would suddenly lock then just as mysteriously unlock on their own.

The apparition is suspected to be that of Martha Mesereau, one of Staten Island’s most famous ghosts. Shortly before the Civil War, Mr. Mesereau built what would become the Old Jamaica Inn as an extended part of the mansion proper to use as a summer residence.  When war broke out, he went off to fight leaving Martha to wait anxiously for his safe return.

Day and night she would longingly gaze out of her bedroom window, leaving a candle burning when darkness fell so her beloved would find his way home. He never returned, having been killed in battle, but Martha refused to accept this. According to legend, she became increasingly reclusive and eventually retreated to her bedroom where she died of a broken heart; this bedroom was converted into the inn’s dining room and remains Martha’s primary haunt. Paranormal Knowledge

Finally, on a romantic note:

After closing, when all the lights have been turned off, one light occasionally turns back on by itself, as if Martha is keeping one candle lit in the window until her husband’s safe return. Or perhaps it is her husband’s work, calling her lonely spirit into the light…where he is waiting for her.  Haunted New York