The Electric Egg Cream Is Back…Sort Of

For those of you who are interested (all 3 or 4 of you), and especially for those of you who couldn’t care less (everyone else), The Electric Egg Cream (now renamed Big Apple Dayze) is back for your dubious reading delight. Formerly hosted at Blue Host, I closed down shop there and had the content of this website in cold storage since February 2011.

Before going public at WordPress.Com, I had intended to put everything back in order–photos, tags, etc; the little technical essentials that separate a good website from a half-baked one. However, having been deeply involved in other projects, and finding myself lacking the time and energy for the aforementioned essentials, I decided to go with the half-baked…I confess to such shamelessness.

Please bear with me while I slowly but surely get this thing (fully) up-and-running again. New stuff will be handily published while I incrementally manage the old stuff. In short, I’ll eventually resurrect my blogging bag.

Thanks so much for your patience and consideration! Best Regards, GrayFoxDown/ Michael J. Toro

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