NYC’s frozen tundra lifestyle is getting to be a habit. Another 19 inches of snow is now adding to the still remaining remnants of last week’s minor storm, which brought a few inches, and last December’s major storm, which brought over 21 inches; simply heaping further trouble on our heaps of  trouble. Due to consistent (high) temps in the 20s/ 30s, the accumulative snow and ice is basically stratified and caked throughout the city, especially along secondary and tertiary streets, causing the usual (and not so usual) difficulties. This is fast becoming one of the worst winters on record…in short, it’s a mess!

But could these snowy, blizzard crazy days be, in fact, another symptom of global warming? A sign of things and seasons to come?

Physicist Michio Kaku writes at CNN that increased levels of moisture, not temperature, create snowstorm conditions.  Kaku explains it metaphorically: “A colder freezer may make ice cubes faster, but it’s the amount of water you put in the ice tray that determines how big the cubes will become. And as the oceans warm, more moisture is generated, which translates into monster snowstorms in the northeast corridor and plenty of freak weather elsewhere.”  Essentially that  global warming is not warming, as such, but rather a series of violent swings in the weather. In any event, you don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows or the snow drifts.

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