No, it isn’t a spillover from a Fellini movie gone haywire. What we have here are hipsters, Brooklyn’s own unique coven of venturesome vagabonds, at it again. They’re competing in the eight annual Idiotarod, the “famed third jewel” in their Triple Crown (after SantaCon and the No Pants Subway Ride); a shopping-themed shopping cart race scheduled for this Saturday.

Beginning at 10 am, three dozen teams will push elaborately decorated carts to be rewarded with the adulation of their peers and drink specials.

The ultimate prize, Best In Show, is awarded not to the fastest team, but to the troupe that best embodies the Idiotarod’s free-wheeling spirit.

But, after all is said and done and ultimately lost in translation, I think it all looks like a clever stalemate; a slaphappy attempt to celebrate Halloween all year round. Then again, it does seem as though we’re celebrating Halloween all year round…even if we don’t realize it.

Brooklyn Paper

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