Yesterday, the FAA dedicated a higher and mightier control tower at LaGuardia Airport; the airport’s 46-year-old erstwhile tower of arrivals/ departures gone by is now history.  The new, $100 million, 233-foot tower is dynamically blue and dynamically furnished with the latest in navigation aids including, among other things, ground detection radar. It’s also equipped with satellite navigation, but this won’t go into service until later this year.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney says, as a frequent flier using LaGuardia at least twice a week, she’s thrilled.

She said the new tower looks like a spaceship, but called it an improvement for passenger safety and an engine for New York’s economic development.

Actually, LaGuardia’s towering shebang went into service last October, but I suppose the FAA allowed for a period of time to smooth out any rough edges (embarrassing if the thing were to keel over) before the dedication.

CBS New York

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