US Airways Flight 1549 will finally make its arrival in Charlotte, North Carolina; a truly better-late than-never arrival if there ever was one. The Carolinas Aviation Museum is in the final stages of acquiring the plane that so miraculously avoided disaster in the Hudson River two years ago. This May, museum officials hope to exhibit the Airbus that, since the crash landing, has been stored in a New Jersey warehouse; its wings and engines detached but otherwise in fine condition.

The plane was en route to Charlotte, having taken off from LaGuardia on January 15, 2009, when a collision with a flock of geese caused both its engines to fail. Captain Chesley Sullenberger glided the Airbus to a picture perfect emergency landing in the waters of the Hudson. All 155 passengers and crew were rescued.

Shawn Dorch, president of the museum, said of the Airbus320’s present condition: “The Coke cans are in the food carts.” “Except for the passenger belongings, virtually everything else is still in the airplane just like it was.”

Charlotte Observer


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