I probably don’t get around enough these days but just who and what is a Snooki? A more important question: What is it (well, she) doing here?

Browsing through the Gothamist, what did my eyes behold but a Snooki, sporting leopard dress, suspended in a glittering clear ball (or was it a crystal ball?). She, said they, was “trapped” amidst the fakery of what was supposed to be a fake New Year’s Eve Countdown; and, trapped as she was, her Houdini-like virtuosity was captured on tape and will air on MTV.

The Gothamist goes on to say that this Snooki (aka Jersey Shore starlet…whatever that is) was threatening to perform this fakery at the real New Year’s Countdown in Times Square tonight. Perhaps to affirm that may very well be a God, she was “banished” to Seaside Heights (a nice place to visit but…) just in time and New York City was spared the ball-encased, leopard-dressed Snooki thing.

Finally, my wife reminds me that Jersey Shore is a television series. Yet another reason that we’re simply overjoyed that we threw our TV set out the window years ago; and, with these Snookish apparitions roaming about, we’ll be simply overjoyed to throw 2010 out the window, too.


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