Insofar as NYC is concerned, this week’s snowstorm stranded or curtailed millions of people, closed thousands of streets and highways, grounded thousands of flights, cost the city tens of millions of dollars, (Holy Icicles! It even forced Mayor Bloomberg to admit that he made a mistake in preparing for the storm), etc. All of that was bad enough if not very surprising; but, when Playbill magazine is unable to make deliveries, we’ve moved from a modest state of disaster to that of an apocalypse.

For 126 years, Playbill has never failed to deliver its famous magazine to every theatre, both large and small, throughout New York City. In fact, in the course of its history, Playbill has proven itself to be even more reliable than the post office: delivering in spite of the most torrential rains, the deepest blizzards, even the darkest blackouts. It could fairly be said that Playbill was there, whether or not the show was going on.

Last Monday, the company’s Mercury-like delivery record was shattered when several MTA buses, victims of the Christmas Blizzard, became marooned outside of its Woodside, Queens printing plant. While the buses sat outside blocking Playbill’s delivery gate, more than 100,000 magazines, for such shows as “Wicked,” “The Merchant of Venice,” and “Jersey Boys,” sat inside…all freshly-printed-up with nowhere to go.

“These buses have been everywhere — within a three-block radius there are 10 of them,” he said. “Three of them are right in front of my place and no one has done anything about it all for two days,” [said Robert Cusanelli, the magazine’s director of manufacturing].

I tell you, those MTA folk just ain’t got no culture!

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