Christmas is here again and, just as the fabled Magi of long ago were bedazzled by a Star, the crowds of today are bedazzled by the Dyker Lights. Once a year (for what now seems like forever) a major portion of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn becomes electrified with abundant hype, abundant crowds and superabundant holiday decorations.

Every conceivable, and perhaps inconceivable, Christmas lighting and ornamentation known to mankind could be found in this glittering locus. In addition to the many houses festooned with myriads of patterned lights, there are also houses displaying two-story Santa Clauses, ten-foot dancers pirouetting to music from The Nutcracker, and 29-foot toy soldiers marching in place…to name just a few of the attractions.

The Dyker Lights’s sensation is all the rage each Christmastime; so much so, that bus tours are now available. One of which is called the “Christmas Lights and Cannoli Tour” (yes, cannoli; this is basically an Italian affair) which offers a 3 ½ hour tour of Brooklyn holiday hotspots (the highlight being, of course, the Dyker Lights); it includes a cannoli and cappuccino to refresh your viewing pleasure.

Many love it while many others hate it; none, however, fail to be intrigued by this annual spectacle.


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