“Fifty years ago, two commercial airliners collided one mile above New York City, raining down destruction on a busy Brooklyn neighborhood. Victims’ remains bloodied the snow after one jet hit the street at 200 mph, killing everyone aboard and six people on the ground… … .” {read more} AP

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Numerous fissures and cracks can be observed on many buildings along the intersection of Seventh Avenue and Sterling Place, in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. This quiet, upscale neighborhood, less than a half-mile north of Prospect Park, goes about its daily business with little notice for defects in a city so rife with fissures, cracks, potholes, etc., all symptomatic of an urban environment; like the scars on a person’s flesh, these bear silent witness to the ups and downs of life. But, in this case, what can be observed in Sterling Place are indeed SCARS that are mementos of an event that occurred there on the morning of December 16, 1960: this nation’s worst air disaster, at the time… … . {read more} Air Disaster 1960


The 1960 collision between a TWA Constellation and a United Airlines DC-8 over New York ranks as one of this city’s greatest disasters. I was 6-years old at the time and I’ve never forgotten that incident; in fact, I’ve always been haunted by the horrors that went unseen by me. Lacking any existing video documentation of the tragedy, it remained an event buried in history but resurrected in imagination.

This YouTube video does just that. As seen through the eyes of a ten-year old attempting to recreate that tragic day through imagination, the video provides a taste of what it looked like via a documentary-styled simulation. That’s what I’ve been doing for nearly 48 years, but had it confined to the inner-recesses of my own imagination… … . {video} Disaster Within Imagination


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