A tree on Fifth Avenue at Lincoln Place in Park Slope Brooklyn has gained a rather unique addition to its tired branches: a patio chair. Back in September when a slightly monstrous tornado hit this stylishly moth-eaten locale, many objects were inevitably windswept and subsequently airborne. While most of these projectiles returned to earth in various states of configuration across the land, the storm-tossed chair touched down in this tree unscathed; it’s been sitting pretty up there for the past two months.

“The chair is becoming part of the landscape,” said Farid Lancheros, owner of Bogota Latin Bistro on Fifth Avenue. “It’s becoming a mascot to the neighborhood. I think it means, ‘Come to Park Slope, enjoy yourself, and have a seat.’ ”

Actually, the chair once had a companion chair that had joined it when it too was blown away during the September storm. However, the lofty-leafy union of “branch-bound seats” was severed last October when a hailstorm struck that re-blew the second chair down to street level. Even though no one was hurt when that chair came down, some are concerned that when/ if the remaining chair decides to make a descent it may decide to descend on someone’s head.

Of course, all calls to NYC’s marvelous 311 (our vaunted service/ information hot line) regarding the chair’s removal were never responded to. I guess it’s our chair and we’re stuck up a tree with it…but it does add to the neighborhood’s abstract sense of priorities.

Brooklyn Paper


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