Now that it’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, it’s time to prepare for Christmas; after all, we can’t waste time. Yet another gigantic spruce tree has arrived in Rockefeller Center, being groomed for its annual duration of seasonal glory.

The tree was donated by Peter and Stephanie Acton of Mahopac, NY. On September 11 of this year, a Rockefeller Center “tree scout” told the Actons that he could make their 74-foot Norway spruce a star… that it ought to be in the Center, as well as in pictures, for the holidays. Last Friday, the tree was cut down and left the backyard of the couple’s Putnam County home for its spot-lit moment of glory.

The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting ceremony will be held November 30; over the decades, a proud and glimmering moment for many a tree on their inevitable road towards Valhalla.

Huffington Post

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