First California. Now they’re shooting at Queens!

Two days after a mysterious vapor trail appeared at sundown off the Los Angeles coast — triggering fears of an enemy missile attack — a stunning replay occurred in the sky over Far Rockaway.

A passer-by snapped a photo of a billowing streak yesterday afternoon at around 5 p.m.

Like Monday’s scare on the West Coast, it looked like the exhaust from a just-launched missile.

What caused the contrail visible from the Rockaways also is not known.

NY Post

Do these smug numskulls in the Pentagon actually think that we’re going to believe that this is just business as usual in the skies!!! “Optical illusions” that just happen to make planes look like missiles?

Does anyone out there remember Flight 800? That plane exploded off the coast of Long Island amid witness reports of a missile seen in the sky at the exact moment when the plane exploded. Of course, the government’s explanation of what was perhaps seen turned out to be yet another “optical illusion.”

Then again, most Americans either believe or have resigned themselves to the official version of the events of 9/11; a couple contrails in the sky should be a cinch to pull off until the next “optical illusion” comes forth.


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