Grand Central Terminal has gone LED in an effort to better illuminate its constellation-adorned ceiling. For nearly 98 years this astral décor has hung from the terminal’s encapsulated heavens…with gradually lessening or uncertain degrees of magnitude. An accumulation of burned-out bulbs alongside a flunked-out fiber optic system have oftentimes made the stars inside of Grand Central as dazzling as the smog-oppressed stars outside the terminal that hover over New York City.

As the New York Times reports, [the new LED lights are] expected to last about five years, and consume roughly 60-percent less electricity than the previous fiber-optic bulbs. Each of the 59 bulbs comprise gold-leafed constellations, which are cast about 125 feet above the terminal floor, against the ceiling’s blue-green background. Most city commuters may not want to unstick their gaze from the ground, but the next time they’re scurrying across Grand Central, they may find themselves suddenly lost in the firmament.

In any event, before we know it (whether or not we’re gazing at the ceiling or at the ground) we’ll find that these new and improved LED lights will be just as dazzling as those star-crossed lights of old and unimproved days.


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