Contrary to a spurt of reports and speculation, Brooklyn Bridge Park (the city’s famed and seemingly forever work in progress) is not experiencing a rat problem.  At least, that’s what the park’s overseers are claiming.

“Absolutely not,” said Regina Meyer, president of the city development corporation overseeing the park’s construction, when asked today about the city recently soliciting bids from firms interested in providing pest management and exterminator services for the 85-acre project.

Even though an occasional and inevitable rat or two was sighted scampering about, Meyer denies any rodent infestation at BB Park and that their pest management contract is “pro-active” rather than reactive in nature; a stratagem to prevent any and all pest-related problems in the future.

Along with the rat sightings, several muskrats have been sighted strolling (or wading) through the park as well; the muskrats are cool and won’t be targeted for elimination. The Brooklyn Heights Blog named one of these furry park-goers “Dodger” and have included a complementary video on their website. They’ve even included a video of the Captain and Tennille performing “Muskrat Love”—but that’s going too far indeed.

NY Post


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