My wife and I finally made it to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade to get our fair share of freaky thrills and nifty spills…it was a wonderful experience indeed and we lived to tell of it.

The event is now more commercial (media-sponsored) and well-organized; hence, not as haphazard as it was in past years. Depending on how one looks at it, this may be a blessing or a curse to the occasion’s spirit of spontaneity and originality.

Nevertheless, the parade sparkled cool through the crisp evening air; a brilliant motley of festive song and joyous dance…and, of course, dazzling costumes. While we sipped at our flagons of hot and overpriced coffee, the scene unfolded before and around our eyes; as the Gothamist observes:

Outfits ranged from traditionally scary zombies and skeletons to the outright slutty (we spotted someone who managed to go as a sexy fortune cookie).There were your topical costumes too, Chilean miners and Snooki were both pretty popular, but we’re fans of the NYC-centric costumes. Check out the rat and the 1 train!

We (happily) missed the Snooki incarnations, but did spot the #1 train and the rat (a four-legged one, as well) and the Chilean miners (certainly a new addition) through a blur of passing fancifulness. All in all, a merry time was had by all; and all went weirdly yet gloriously bump through the night.

Go to the Gothamist for more photos and obligatory sarcasm.

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