These Halloween revelers in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn really know how to cut-up a pumpkin. Why confine your pumpkin-related talents to baking pumpkin pies when you could transform these gourds into works of fiendish artistry? Therefore, Joyce Draganosky and Laureen Callo are once again providing a weird sensation for passersby with their “spooktacular display of pumpkin macabre.”

The Bergen Street brownstone between Nevins and Bond has a display featuring a wigged-out blonde “Carrie” with dried blood, a pumpkin with his brain exposed, and — the piece de resistance — a Halloween chef who appears to be smiling as he cooks up other pumpkins on a grill while holding court over an agog throng of teeny-tiny squash.

Alas, since my wife and I lack such decorative skills, we usually settle for a slice or two of Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie topped with a dollop of Cool Whip to complement our Halloween festivities.

Brooklyn Paper


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