Last Wednesday, a New York City Parks Department employee discovered a ten-pound, six-foot long, dark brown and tan mottled stretch of slitherness in a Harlem park: a Burmese python.

Yessenia Camacho, 29, said she was picking up trash in the north east corner of St. Nicholas Park about 2 p.m., near the 140th Street entrance, when what she thought was a piece of garbage in the bushes turned out to be the snake’s head.

The snake isn’t a native New Yorker (unlike many of the everyday, two-legged snakes found here) and it may have been someone’s former pet; abandoned when it grew too large and slithery for its board and britches. Special services of the NYPD trapped and took him (or her) to a nearby animal shelter. The wandering reptile appears very healthy and, to make it feel at home, probably received a gourmet dinner of choice rat. {read more} Yahoo! News


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