If I’m not mistaken, they first appeared last spring: creeping lustily through Victoria’s Secret and crawling eagerly through the Time Warner Center. Last July, they were spotted at Macy’s and Bloomingadale’s giving those fashionable establishments the once-over. Then, last August, it was on to the Empire State Building (touring NYC wouldn’t be complete without such a visit) where they braved the lowly crowds for a view from that towering edifice.

These were just a few of the stops on their must-see/ must-do Big Apple itinerary. And who, or, I should say, what are these?—bedbugs, of course.

Alas, just when I had thought that the city’s latest potential bugaboo had faded into the ether of past bugaboos, which have come and gone and are now forgotten (eventually replaced with yet another bugaboo (wannabe terrorists or aspiring viruses, for instance), these creepy-crawlers are apparently here for an extended duration. And now, not to have it said that they lack a refined taste in music, they’ve gone to the opera to get a bedbug’s share of arias, duets and recitatives.

Officials at New York City Lincoln Center say that they have found bedbugs at the famous complex’s opera house.

The 16.3-acre performing arts center in New York City’s Upper West Side is confident the bedbugs did not escape to public areas [but they did, of course]. It is believed the bugs were detected in a dressing room [I wonder if it was Angela Gheorghiu’s dressing room].

However, we New Yorkers (indeed, we Americans) are so preoccupied with boasting about how great we are that we haven’t time to be overly concerned with any creatures or predicaments great or small. Be it a question of economic collapse or jaunting bedbugs, it’s ultimately just another entertaining bugaboo to stimulate our more idle hours of self-complacency…at least, we hope it is.

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