A “mysterious shiny object” (or set of objects) actually had the nerve to barnstorm over NYC. Yesterday, at around 1:30pm, the NYPD, the FAA, and other dismissive agencies, were inundated with varying reports of one to several (as appear in the video) strange objects flying over Manhattan, particularly over the Chelsea district.

Law enforcement sources said they believed the object was likely some sort of balloon [the decades old standard claim], but as of late Wednesday they had not confirmed exactly what it is [the decades old standard conclusion].

A Daily News reporter could see a tiny, silver dot floating approximately 5,000 feet above 23th St. and Eighth Ave., where dozens of people gathered late in the afternoon to catch a glimpse.

Of course, Twitter was alive with talk of UFOs; alongside messages containing links to a month-long publication announcement of a book by a retired NORAD officer who predicted that UFOs would buzz major cities on October 13.

Was it a close encounter of the third (or whatever) kind or a close encounter with a book promotion?  Nevertheless, neither the earth nor NYC stood still; it continues to pulsate merrily along.

NY Daily News

UPDATE: Photos, Video of UFOs Baffling Manhattan at the Gothamist


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