Bridges across America are growing older, becoming more dilapidated, and have either collapsed (like the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis) or are oftentimes on the verge of possible collapse (like the Brooklyn Bridge). Time and tide wait for no man, woman or infrastructural creation; the business of years eventually take their toll on humans and bridges alike, behooving us to repair or rebuild to avoid sinking into the sea.

The Kosciuzko Bridge (opened in 1939), which links Brooklyn with Queens, is set to become NYC’s first newly-built bridge of the 21st century. “Last fall, the state unveiled three designs for the new bridge, including a standard concrete deck arch…as well as a more modern cable-stayed model.” In step with modern times, the Department of Transportation chose the cable-stayed design; and, with an initial price tag of $1 billion bucks, construction will begin later this year. A completion date is scheduled for 2017 (which means around 2025).

NY Observer


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