Fort Tryon Park was alive with days of old yesterday as it hosted its 26th Medieval Festival. All the usual (and some unusual) characters and deeds of fact and fiction were bustling on-the-scene with corresponding “daring sword fights, elaborate costumery and Flinstone-sized servings of grilled meat.”

Medieval paraphernalia, “from jewelry to mead to turkey legs and broadswords,” were quaintly shilled at 21st century prices “while attendees strolled about in their finest medieval garb.”

Gandalf (pictured below with escort and far from Middle Earth) and a damsel-mounted unicorn (pictured above with baby unicorn) were among the featured guests. I don’t believe that Merlin the Magician was able to attend; it’s rumored that affairs at Camelot are pretty hectic these days.

Gothamist (for photo gallery, videos, and all of that.)

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