The clang, clang, clang tintinnabulation of trolley cars, reverberating from out of New York City’s quaint past, may once again clang, clang, clang through its retro-loving  present. The Department of Transportation is, after years of debate and costly irresolution, considering a resumption of trolley car service within the Downtown and Red Hook sections of Brooklyn.

“’We’re looking back to the future,’ said Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. ‘Streetcars remain part of the transportation mix in cities from Toronto to Melbourne, and we need to consider all options to improve transit access in underserved neighborhoods like Red Hook.’”

Trolley car enthusiasts along with neighborhood residents are delighted with this resurrected form of transportation. However, Bob Diamond (archaeologist extraordinaire) is the most delighted of all. In addition to his excavations of long-lost subway tunnels and other types of buried history, Diamond’s love of trolleys drove him to construct and man his own trolley line along Red Hook’s waterfront in the 1990s. Unfortunately, his dream line reached a dead-end when city funding was terminated.

“’The mayor and the transportation commissioner have come out and said it’s a good idea,’ said Diamond. Back [in the 1990s] it was, ’Oh, Bob is down in that corner of Red Hook doing his experiment that be a tourist attraction.’”

Brooklyn Paper

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