According to Grub Street, NYC is in for an “egg creamy” weekend that will extend far beyond Borough Park bowling alleys (Ah, Maple Lanes…where I rolled magnificent volleys of gutter balls.) Since this website’s name, along with this blogger’s purpose (at least in theory) in blogging, is derived from electrifying egg creams of all persuasions and correlations, I couldn’t resist posting the following for your bored to the gills astonishment.

Brooklyn Farmacy has fixed up an old egg-cream cart and will serve them at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday (starting next week, they’ll also be available on Sundays). The egg creams are made with Hudson Valley Fresh milk and Fox‘s U-Bet  chocolate syrup [CERTAINLY!], and served with a pretzel stick, and there will also be cherry-lime rickeys made with P+H lime syrup! Add to that, Brooklyn Soda Works will be debuting their root beer tomorrow! And, and, and: There’s egg cream news from the Shake Shack, too. {read more}

We thought those days of old would last forever when we were young; those wonderful egg creams, as well as Easter eggs, one of life’s routine pleasures in our suspended state of childish delight.


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