Neither filth, nor germs, nor threat of swine flu will move New Yorkers to wash their hands more frequently.  A new study (yes, another “new” study) has found that while we wildly take our customary walks on the wild side, many here are not too wild about sanitary procedures.

“The study, which looked at six public facilities in four cities, found Penn Station was the worst with 21 percent of bathroom goers skipping the soap and sink, followed by Grand Central Station where 19 percent didn’t wash.”

According to the survey, the dirtiest of the lot were New York women: 17% didn’t wash their hands at Penn and Grand Central Stations.

“’What it says about New Yorkers is that New Yorkers are in a hurry, I think,’ said Barbara Hyde of the American Society of Microbiology.” The standard excuse, when all other excuses fail, in this city.

Researchers observed the hand-washing routines of more than 6,000 adults. They were delighted to find that 85% of bathroom-goers washed their hands; an increase from 77% in 2007.

Nevertheless, a great, well-rounded comment (on the source article for this post) by Dan Te that seems to excoriate everything from unsanitary habits to impractical hipsters: “To all you cows that love to eat salad. Just think about the hands that pick it, the hands that packed it, the hands that tossed it. Mm mm… fresh!”

As always, it’s nice to see a group of researchers waste time so constructively.

CBS New York


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