The heart may be a lonely hunter, but it also became a prey for vandals as an art piece last week in McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Glass sculptors Alan Iwamura and Issac Tecosky knew the risk when they exhibited a relatively unsecured heart piece as part of the “Humanity Fountain;” a “concrete, perfume-emitting box and exhibit that is ironically supposed to reflect the ‘kindness in people’s hearts.’”

When it was installed two weeks ago, the $4,910 piece was certainly something to sniff at. The heart, complete with every intricacy of the human organ expertly crafted in glass, was surrounded by the wafting smell — which Serrano-Reyes described as “all-natural” and much like a pencil — using solar panels.

At the present time, a bouquet of sympathy flowers atop the concrete box is about all that remains of the heart. But the artists are busily at work on yet another glass heart to replace the void in the exhibit…if they could as easily do the same for the void in some people’s hearts.

Brooklyn Paper


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