In the words of the Daily News: “First came King Kong. Now bedbugs are trying to conquer the Empire State Building.”

Over the past few months, the creepy-crawly critters have been doing the Big Apple and doing it big time. Scattered and various-sized infestations of bedbugs have been found in homes and businesses across the five boroughs. Even though these infestations were small they were still alarming, especially when establishments such as Victoria’s Secret and the Time Warner Center came under assault. Now it’s the Empire State Building; however, ESB management is shrugging off the matter:

“Like so many other buildings in New York City, the Empire State Building had a small incident of bedbugs,” the building said in a statement. “The occurrence was specific to a uniform storage area in the basement of the building. The area has been treated and fully cleared.”


Tourists streaming into the city’s tallest building were sickened to hear it was visited by parasites.

NYC isn’t taking the problem lightly and has allocated a half-million dollars to exterminate these unwelcome visitors…that merely crawl around without spending any money here.

NY Daily News


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