King Tut is back in town after a thirty year absence and, while certainly not appearing live, will certainly be appearing majestically entombed at the Discovery Times Square Exposition.

The king’s doing the Big Apple and has come replete with his mandatory stash of legendary treasures, accouterments and various other baubles, bangles and beads to entertain and enlighten you. Ten galleries and 130 artifices are guaranteed to bring on that 18th dynasty (circa 1330 BC) frame of mind and have all visitors walking like an Egyptian.

Included among the exhibition’s highlights are: the chariot that Tut may have crashed, causing his death (apparently Tut was no Ben-Hur); the golden coffinette and crown found on his head when the tomb was discovered in the 1920s; forgotten lore pertaining to the beliefs and funereal processes in those wild and crazy days of Egyptian pharaohs; and newly-revealed DNA studies/ forensic information about Tut’s life and death.

Tut’s last visit to NYC (along with his mandatory stash, of course) ran from November 17, 1976 through April 15, 1979 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. An estimated eight million people (this blogger, in his pre-blogger days, among them) attended the exhibition; it was absolutely marvelous!