“The bulldozers are coming,” was the chant of the day; its theme being colonial/ revolutionary. Last week, the environmental advocacy group Times Up! got into the Spirit of ’76, à la Paul Revere, and assembled in Tompkins Square Park. Sporting echoes of ye olden times (tricorn hats, vests, flowing-sleeved shirts, etc.), they mounted their “horses” (bicycles rigged with equine-shaped, cardboard cutouts) and rode uptown.

Their objective: “The group hopes to prevent the proposed weakening of a soon-to-expire 2002 agreement made between the city and Albany, whose language would no longer explicitly safeguard the gardens against being razed for development.”

The Times Up group of about 50 pseudo-horsed bikers called their ride a “funky summer soul mobile party.” Nonetheless, police were concerned because one of the scheduled stops on their mobile party itinerary was Mayor Bloomberg’s house. Barbara Ross, a spokesperson for the group, assured the NYPD that everything would be cool: “We assured them that this is going to be a peaceful ride and we simply want to offer the mayor some homegrown vegetables from the garden so he can enjoy one of the many rewards of having community gardens in NYC.”

Everything went according to plan: cool and peaceful. However, I’m convinced that while the Times Up bikers were wheeling through town Paul Revere was doing cartwheels in his grave.