An elderly harbor seal has finally found true love in the amatory waters of the New York Aquarium. Bernie, who is 23 years old and quite long-in-the-tooth, has found the seal of his dreams in three year old Coral; it was love at first sight and, for better or worse, the couple is now “shacked up” for your viewing delight.

Until Coral swam into his life, Bernie’s days of bachelorhood were dismally companionless; indeed, he hadn’t scored since the time that Internet Explorer 6 was considered hot stuff. John Dohlin, the aquarium’s director, decided it was time that Bernie took a chance not only on love but on everlasting love.

“It was our hope they [Bernie and Coral] would show interest in each other. I think Bernie was taken aback by the whole thing and wanted to find out what was this strange animal that looked something like him… he was busy checking her out.”

And like any May-December relationship, the new companionship has been attributed to Bernie’s change in attitude—he’s allegedly more active and has perked up. Or as Dohlin put it, ‘He’s the Tony Randall of harbor seals. He’s got himself a young lady and he’s really come alive.’”

Harbor seals live for about 30 years and there are hopes that Bernie will be a father before he shuffles of this mortal (or mammalian) coil.