They weren’t of the Sharktopus breed (that would have made for a super post) but they were real sharks nevertheless; albeit, comfortably deceased.  It’s been (unreliably) reported that three of those bloodthirsty pranksters inexplicably washed ashore on Beach 3rd Street in Rockaway today, but not before causing some general alarm when first spotted earlier this month. In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard issued a shark alert for the entire Northeast (especially along the Massachusetts coast) after they confirmed that several great whites were cruising through the region.

However, it’s not known what kind of sharks washed ashore in Rockaway nor if it was actually three; some are also beginning to suspect that nothing at all washed ashore there. The Gothamist, via an updated report, suggests that the whole thing stemmed from a hoax; it’s all rather vague and mysterious. Then again, the most frightening moments in Spielberg’s JAWS were when the shark didn’t actually appear but was felt to be lurking nearby.