You’ll be thrilled to learn that Pop-Tarts is going gourmet (I presume) and coming to the Big Apple. Alas, the first ever Pop-Tarts retail store will open to the public in Times Square on August 10 alongside other American institutions such as Hershey’s and M&M’s.

The store will feature interactive attractions such as a Pop-Tarts World Café and a so-called “Varietizer” where creative customers could design their own Pop-Tarts boxes packed with their favorite fruit flavors; of course, they’ll also be able to design their own Pop-Tarts t-shirts.  The exact location of this culinary cynosure is still to be announced. DNA info

The Eater states: “If there’s one thing that could make Pop-Tarts better, it’s having them served to you in a restaurant. Maybe there will be toasters within the tables, shabu-shabu style.”

I say that a spoonful of nifty packaging will help make the Pop-Tarts (as well as the medicine) go down.