Temperatures soared past the 100 degree mark Tuesday along much of the East Coast, as air conditioners strained to cool the sweating masses and the unlucky sought out cooling centers — or anywhere else they could beat the heat.

If you’re an iguana, NYC is currently the place for you. For the rest of us, this heat wave is absolutely incredible and simply unbearable. The past week was an ordeal of record-breaking (or near record-breaking) temperatures,  without a drop of rain or driblet of relief in the forecast; it will continue like this for at least another two or three days.

In the East, warm air is “sitting over the top of us, and it’s not really going to budge much for the next day or two,” said Brian Korty, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Camp Springs, Md. After that, he said, a system coming in off the Atlantic Ocean would bring in cooler temperatures.

We only hope that the electricity holds out, powering our summertime life-support systems (viz. air conditioners, fans, etc.)…if the power goes, we may have to resign ourselves to a soggy dissipation.