Many politicians (along with many people pursuing more useful careers) are often subject to the Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde Syndrome. We’re all familiar with those erratic individuals who are perfectly charming one moment, absolutely wretched the next. Mayor Bloomberg is no slouch when it comes to this emotional topsy-turvydom; in fact, as his mayoralty senesces (along with himself) he’s becoming even more proficient at sweet-and-sour behavior…especially in regard to the media.

At an impromptu press conference yesterday, following an event at the Morgan Library and Museum, the Mayor’s charm was on the back-burner while his brusqueness was burning high. When asked about his reaction to the indictment of John F. Haggerty Jr. (a Queens political operative and friend) “the mayor was curt.” When a stalwart reporter expanded on that question and asked the mayor about his contributions to the Independence Party (the basis for Haggerty’s legal conundrum), he became still curter:

“I have a right to make donations to support people and parties that I think will help this city and this country and this state, and I’ll continue to do it.” [This sounds good while avoiding the question.]

Further questions pertaining to Haggerty, in addition to questions related to the mayor’s hiring of poll watchers on Election Day, only worsened Bloomberg’s disposition. In short, the incident was the latest in Bloomberg’s growing list of communication breakdowns; yet another instance of questions and tempers being raised and nothing further being accomplished…let alone questions being answered. Indeed, this is the sort of human interchange that results in everyone walking around in a state of apoplectic confusion.

NY Times