New Yorkers are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore, even when we’re at the helm of a few thousand pounds of status and convenience traveling at 50-60+ miles-an-hour. I’m proud to announce that we are now considered to be the most incensed drivers in the USA;  now ranked #1 in one of the 21st century’s most phenomenal types of cultural diversion: Road Rage.

“New Yorkers were the most numerous offenders, but they’ll be proud to know they are also the most likely to wave an arm, gesture with a hand or blast their horn. Anyone who’s crossed a street in the Big Apple knows this to be true first hand.” Motor Authority

Miami, former first place holders of the coveted spot for the past four years, has dropped to a disappointing seventh place, with drivers in Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/ St. Paul rounding out the top five; the new second place holder is Dallas/ Fort Worth. A representative for the (unidentified) company that conducted the survey says that there’s “no geographic way to break down road rage.” Nonetheless, talking on a cellphone, driving too fast, and tailgating are the top three motivators of road rage and/or excuses for one’s homicidal impulses.

Note: “In Washington, D.C., four percent of drivers admitted to slamming into another driver. They stand out in that one particular category” said Michael Bush of the Affinion Group. That’s an easy one to believe; in fact, I’d find it harder to believe if it turned out to be only four percent.