Michael Bloomberg, audacious Mayor/ lubricious CEO of New York City, is famous for his compassion…insofar as corporate behemoths and financial titans are concerned. Bloomberg’s compassion really took hold and got the better of him today when the subject turned to the fiasco which is BP. He believes that all of the vitriolic sound and incensed fury being directed towards BP lately is rather harsh and somewhat undeserved; in short, we should avoid a “rush to judgment.”

“Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show that the head of British Petroleum ‘didn’t exactly go down there and blow up the well.’”

Additionally, Bloomberg is said to have opined that “everyone might want to wait to assign blame because the expertise of BP is needed to fix the problem.” And you know, I get that we’re stuck in the Codependency Tango with the oil company, I just think it would be great if BP could stop demonstrating their “expertise” in clamping down on media coverage.

We only need to follow the money to follow the logic of Bloomberg’s viewpoints. Nevertheless, the mayor is extremely masterful at casting his morsels of noblesse oblige at us: harried and status-seeking citizens of NYC that we are. (Why blow me down!!! The mayor even rides the train to work…or so they say.)