Why allow a famous if decaying boardwalk to be reduced to sawdust when it could be transformed into some neat and unusual décor? The boardwalk at Coney Island days as a walkway are ending but its days as furniture may be just beginning. Uhuru Designs, a design firm in Red Hook, Brooklyn, has reclaimed pieces of the old wood and has turned it into new wood for flighty sentimentalists and inveterate materialists alike.

Last weekend, Uhuru Designs unveiled its new line of Coney Island Boardwalk furniture as part of the BKLYN Designs Fair at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO.  A Wonder Wheel Coffee Table, a Boardwalk Console and a Cyclone Lounger, constructed of bits and pieces of the old boardwalk, were among the novelties on view and for sale. Of course, the cost for such uniqueness was rather steep (the lounger, for instance, had a price tag of $7,200), but it’s indeed one of a kind furniture.

Nevertheless, I liked it better when it was a boardwalk; it was so much cheaper in those days, before time and tide make it so outrageously expensive because oddly fashionable.


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