In spite of the guts, gore and debris found in Prospect Park over the past two months, the park received an “environmental quality award” from the Environmental Protection Agency. Many park-goers who had spotted various decapitated birds, blood-spattered patches of grass and abandoned furniture (among other things), primarily around the lake area, were flabbergasted.

“It makes me kind of angry,” said Deanna Zandt, who visits the park daily with her rat terrier, Izzy Louise. “The chicken heads, a TV set [in the lake], the swan that died—it seems really silly they got an award.”

The EPA claims that it was unaware of the many “gross-outs” taking place in Prospect Park in recent weeks; they were particularly ignorant of anything unusual being found along the lake. Indeed, the “praise accompanying the award did not specifically address the lake.”

The award was in recognition of the park’s well-groomed trees not its controversial lake(?); it honored the tree-care team for their excellent work and the Audubon Center, a major attraction there. Prospect Park spokesman Eugene Patron remarked that the award was, despite evidence and allegations to the contrary, proof of the park’s healthy status.

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