Now that winter’s snow and ice have melted away and spring sputters gently over NYC (right now, it’s raining), not only are flowers blooming but also  potholes are reemerging and/or becoming more pervasive as we approach the lusty month of May. This year the accursed chuckholes are popping up and spreading out faster than weeds on an unkempt lawn, bringing grief to drivers and damage to wheels and suspensions; a blessing if you’re in the auto repair business.

As crews work on one side of the street, there are still teeth-rattling craters on the other side and that’s part of the problem – in the wintertime you can never keep up with the potholes

New York City’s Department of Transportation throws $10 million onto the roads every year in the form of hot asphalt patch jobs.

To its credit, and unlike many other municipalities, NYC (sometimes) compensates drivers whose cars were damaged by potholes. Last year, of the 1,356 damage claims filed, 279 were settled with payouts totaling $271,941; a 1-in-4 chance of at least being reimbursed for a modest lube job.

Even though it might involve a wait of 500 years for an actual reimbursement, New Yorkers can file a claim for pothole-related damage to their vehicles by going here. In the meantime,while you’re chasing your own white rabbits down the highway, go ask Alice where the potholes lead …even if she’s not ten feet tall.