I’ve lost track of how many coyotes are, or were, running loose in NYC but there seems to be a sudden and considerable influx of these furry visitors. First there was Hal, who did the Big Apple in 2006 and, unfortunately, died in his quest for adventure; and, last winter, the Central Park roving coyote who appeared around February 6 until being apprehended ten days later and, as far as I know, lived to tell of it (my earlier post  here).

Yesterday, a third (or maybe fourth or fifth) prairie wanderer was taken into custody after a delightful 24-hour jaunt through Manhattan. The 30-pound female coyote was first spotted near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel before darting up Thomas Street, then along West Broadway (where she paused for a brief photo op), before moving on and hiding out in TriBeca for the night…the police in hot pursuit and desperate search.

But she did it her way, on foot. And she had about as much luck as Wile E. Coyote, especially after she hung a right on Watts Street and dove under a parked car, an obvious hiding place that the police soon surrounded. Her 24 hours of freedom came to an end moments later with a shot from a dart gun loaded with a tranquilizer.

The police handed the delirious animal (and many of us are equally delirious here) over to Animal Care and Control of New York City; the good people there, in turn, placed her in a shelter on East 110th Street. New Yorkers, like myself, were left amused yet bemused…asking the following: What in hell are coyotes doing roaming the streets of this muddled metropolis!!!

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