An Atlantic Yards opponent (and there are many here in Brooklyn) hacked into a digital traffic sign and flashed his point of view to passing motorists. Instead of illuminated traffic warnings, an illuminated expletive directed to real estate tycoon Bruce Ratner appeared on the sign. “Fuck Ratner” read the short if not so sweet message.

George Causil, who photographed the risque bit of illumination, expressed “no opinion on the [highly disputed] 22-acre project.  At first, he said thought the sign was hilarious, but then considered the profanity inappropriate in a neighborhood with so many kids.”

The sign flashed its expletive from about 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. yesterday morning before being disabled and replaced with more standard information. Of course, Ratner failed to appreciate the joke; a spokesman called it a “serious and offensive” case of vandalism.

The Brooklyn Paper