We’ve experienced (and still are experiencing) a turbulent weekend here in NYC. A nor’easter, of exceptional sound and fury signifying everything, ravished the NYC area with winds gusting at over 60 mph, toppling trees and power lines. Power was knocked out for 126,000 residents in the five boroughs while commuters were left stranded due to discontinued transit services.

Yesterday, during the worst of the storm, the Coast Guard suspended the Staten Island Ferry. Several train lines were also discontinued because of downed power lines, fallen trees or flooded subway tracks. Flights in and out of JFK and Newark airports were delayed for three or more hours

Neil Armstrong couldn’t attend a scheduled appearance, along with other veterans of space flight, at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum because his flight was canceled out of Boston. “It’s unbelievable to see all these kids here waiting to see the first guy to walk on the moon,” said Museum President Bill White. [The aviators and astronauts] are miserable,” he said.

And when you have a man like Armstrong, who was able to land on the moon but not in the Big Apple, you know it’s serious and there’s good reason for despair. We’re indeed soaked to the whiskers and soggy to the rafters.

NY Daily News