Over the past couple days, an amazing tale unfolded on the tweet-waves of Twitter and on the cyber-waves of cyberspace. From deep within the currently under-demolition ruins of hot dog pioneer Charles Feltman’s famed restaurant, one of his hot dogs had allegedly been discovered. The ancient dog was determined to have been approximately 140-years-old (WAY over the expiration date of any hot dog known to man, woman, or beast) and in a tantalizing state of nostalgic if not culinary preservation. Alas, it was a hoax…I, along with many other idiots, admit to being fooled by this one.

“The recent discovery by an amateur archaeologist… was a publicity stunt in the grand tradition of Coney Island ballyhoo,” said Tricia Vita, spokeswoman for the history project. “I was surprised in the beginning at how many people believed it was true.

But after reading all the buzz about it on Twitter and the Internet, I’m not really that surprised because people want to believe these types of things are true.”  The Gothamist

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