Sarah Palin–savior to some, imbecile to most, phenomenal curiosity to everyone—may have reason to reconsider her plans for a grandiose future. Current polls reveal that her ratings are declining at a greater rate than ever before; a one- night stand appeal that’s losing its lustre.

A considerable 55% of Americans view her in a generally unfavorable light while a whopping 71% think that she’s unqualified to be president.

This groundswell of negative ratings expresses new highs of disapproval towards the much ballyhooed and outrageous “Sarah Barracuda.” Her meretricious return to the spotlight has apparently diminished rather than heightened Palin’s peculiar fame and glory.

Unsurprisingly, Palin’s more popular in her own fragmented party than anywhere else. But even though 69% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of their star attraction, only 37% view her as strongly favorable…52% think she’s unqualified to be president.

Indeed, only 18% of Americans have a strongly favorable opinion of Palin while 38% regard her as strongly unfavorable. Among the swing-voting independents: 36% regard her favorably, 53% unfavorably, and only 29% believe she’s qualified for the presidency.

Now these are the kind of notes I’d like to see this utter nincompoop jot down on her palm to better read her future; that’s the sort of hand jive that all sane Americans hope for and will greatly appreciate.

The Washington Post


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